Processing Unprocessed

I didn’t make New Year’s resolutions this year, I set goals. Is that different? I’m not sure. It’s different enough in my head. I can always make progress toward goals, but New Year’s… Continue reading

Top 2 Health Trends for 2016 (according to my facebook feed)

I trust that you have survived the holidays, recovered from time with family, and dragged yourself back to work. But before heading back, you might have made some New Year’s resolutions. Let me… Continue reading

Nine and ten, begin again!

The last two days of the Local Food Challenge! Never mind that they were over a month ago. Life got busy….? I got distracted….? Whatever. Let’s just forgive and forget, mkay? Breakfast Day… Continue reading

Days 7 & 8 of Local Food Life

It’s safe to say I’ve gotten into the swing of local food life. I don’t think to reach for the can of Pam. I go for olive oil or our giant roll of… Continue reading

Day 6: Local food deja vu

Breakfast Day 6: Same story as yesterday. Forgot to take a picture, and can’t really remember what it was. My money would be on a smoothie. Frozen strawberries from the home farm, Snowville… Continue reading

Day 5 – halfway there!

Breakfast Day 5: I’m starting to miss oatmeal. And even cereal. The only local breakfasts we’ve come up with are eggs, french toast, or smoothies. I forgot to take pictures, and now I… Continue reading

Thank you, coffee.

Breakfast Day 4: After a late night of serving 30 people a 5 course meal, day 4 absolutely needed to start with coffee. Unfortunately, coffee is not a crop that grows well in… Continue reading

Epic Eating – Day 3 Local Food Challenge

At the end of day 3, I had helped serve 160 portions of all-local food. And my feet were killing me. Breakfast Day 3: We started out innocently enough. Lunch Day 3: We… Continue reading

Day 2 Local Food Challenge

Lesson of the day: It’s harder to be flexible when my sources of ingredients aren’t sold nearby every day. Our local food dinner party was scheduled somewhat tentatively, so I was adding the… Continue reading

10 Days – 100 Miles – 10 Exotics

This whole blog started with a challenge. Almost exactly 3 years ago I took on the Food Stamp Challenge and fed myself and my unwilling husband on $60 for a week. I learned… Continue reading

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