Days 7 & 8 of Local Food Life

It’s safe to say I’ve gotten into the swing of local food life. I don’t think to reach for the can of Pam. I go for olive oil or our giant roll of… Continue reading

Day 6: Local food deja vu

Breakfast Day 6: Same story as yesterday. Forgot to take a picture, and can’t really remember what it was. My money would be on a smoothie. Frozen strawberries from the home farm, Snowville… Continue reading

Day 5 – halfway there!

Breakfast Day 5: I’m starting to miss oatmeal. And even cereal. The only local breakfasts we’ve come up with are eggs, french toast, or smoothies. I forgot to take pictures, and now I… Continue reading

Thank you, coffee.

Breakfast Day 4: After a late night of serving 30 people a 5 course meal, day 4 absolutely needed to start with coffee. Unfortunately, coffee is not a crop that grows well in… Continue reading

Epic Eating – Day 3 Local Food Challenge

At the end of day 3, I had helped serve 160 portions of all-local food. And my feet were killing me. Breakfast Day 3: We started out innocently enough. Lunch Day 3: We… Continue reading

Day 2 Local Food Challenge

Lesson of the day: It’s harder to be flexible when my sources of ingredients aren’t sold nearby every day. Our local food dinner party was scheduled somewhat tentatively, so I was adding the… Continue reading

10 Days – 100 Miles – 10 Exotics

This whole blog started with a challenge. Almost exactly 3 years ago I took on the Food Stamp Challenge and fed myself and my unwilling husband on $60 for a week. I learned… Continue reading

What I’ve Been Reading (about food)

Great articles come across my twitter feed, facebook feed, and email, and I often want to share them, but I don’t just want to repeat what they say so well! So here I… Continue reading

Simple Baked Summer Squash

Farmers’ markets are the best. Don’t you agree? I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be at 10am on a Saturday. Ok, maybe being served breakfast in bed, but I’d be pretty cranky… Continue reading

Faux Fettuccine on Meatless Monday

Sometimes I have cravings. Ok, lots of times I have cravings. Like 30 minutes ago when I wanted ice cream so I stopped at Dairy Queen for a twist cone. ┬áMmmm… Most of… Continue reading

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