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Meatless Monday: Eating “Good and Cheap”

I went to a small school in Ohio where our foreign language options were German or Spanish.  I had the best German teacher ever.  She was simply known as Frau, which is the… Continue reading

MM: SNAPy Lentil and Barley Soup

Many moons ago, I took a challenge.  I chose to spend a week eating on a SNAP budget (and my husband was forced to participate by default).  We learned a lot that week.  We… Continue reading

Eating healthy on the Biggest Loser budget

Confession time: I love watching the Biggest Loser.  It’s a two hour weekly commitment, but it’s awesome.  The part I love is seeing the transformations in people.  Not the physical changes, but the… Continue reading

I got the Booker bump! (different from a baby bump)

[The title may be reflecting some dissipating grumpiness about getting asked if I was pregnant over Thanksgiving.  That wasn’t a maternity dress and the stuffing and pie was just really good, ok?!] Back… Continue reading

My “Tiny Peek through a Window of What it’s Like”

WordPress Love When I write my blog posts, I imagine that I am telling my stories to a friend.  I like my tone to be conversational, which is a nice break for me… Continue reading

Coast to Coast Love

  The story of my little SNAP challenge has hit the west coast!  The Stanford Food Systems requested a re-post of my summary story of the challenge, and of course I said yes.… Continue reading

I’m sweet on Vermont!

I like their maple syrup and idyllic landscapes, and they like my SNAP challenge story!  You probably already read it here on, but in case you prefer my story in a more… Continue reading

More SNAP Challenges

Have you missed reading about eating for a week on $30 a person?   No, I haven’t decided to repeat the challenge.  Not yet at least.  The husband needs time to gain a… Continue reading

Food on the Go

Near the end of our SNAP budget week, I asked my husband how, if at all, our experience would change the way we eat overall. Obviously we didn’t continue to limit our weekly… Continue reading

Top 5 Things the SNAP Challenge Taught Me

For those of you without enough time to casually peruse my week-long journey on a SNAP budget as chronicled here on, I have summarized it for you in one handy post, and… Continue reading

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