How I Survived Pregnancy After Loss

This is a page to keep all the resources that comforted me during my pregnancy after the stillbirth of my second son. Throughout the pregnancy, I would find websites through social media on… Continue reading

For the Love…

Hello again. It’s been a minute since I’ve shared much here. I think that’s going to change, and I think the blog is going to change, too. Life has not gone the way… Continue reading

National Pumpkin Day!

Thank heavens for facebook alerting me to the fact that today is #NationalPumpkinDay! This should have been on my calendar, but somehow it wasn’t. To celebrate, here are all my recipes featuring pumpkin.… Continue reading

Remember when…

Food holds memories. When we think of memorable food, we often think of holidays with families. Holidays call for special food that we don’t eat at other times of the year, and so… Continue reading

Waste not, want not, then eat scones

In the midst of renovating my kitchen (before, demo, after) my work life took me into the direction of looking at and talking about food waste. It turns out we waste a lot… Continue reading

The Kitchen Renovation. The After.

It’s done! I have a kitchen again! And it’s so pretty. Check out The Before post to see why the renovation needed to happen. The space is far more open and conducive to… Continue reading

The Kitchen Renovation. The Demo.

My previous post, The Before,¬†explained the why of this renovation project. Now let’s tear some stuff down! Bonus points for finding the cat in as many photos as possible! We talked with four… Continue reading

The Kitchen Renovation. The Before.

Once upon a time, the husband and I moved back from Baltimore and started looking for a house. The husband’s top priority beyond a great location, bedrooms, and bathrooms was room for a… Continue reading

Processing Unprocessed

I didn’t make New Year’s resolutions this year, I set goals. Is that different? I’m not sure. It’s different enough in my head. I can always make progress toward goals, but New Year’s… Continue reading

Top 2 Health Trends for 2016 (according to my facebook feed)

I trust that you have survived the holidays, recovered from time with family, and dragged yourself back to work. But before heading back, you might have made some New Year’s resolutions. Let me… Continue reading

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