Erste Bahn fahrt (The First Train Ride)

The life of travel continues!  The husband occasionally works in Germany, and I was lucky enough to get to join him for a week of his most recent trip.  My flight landed in Frankfurt, and I eventually found my way to the Frankfurt Airport Train Station to take a train to meet up with the husband.  While waiting for my train, I picked up something to eat from REWE, a German brand of grocery stores.  They let the food lover loose in a new grocery store!  Geek-out!  I would have gone much crazier with photos and purchases if I wasn’t dragging my luggage and my tired butt through the aisles.


This train station grocery store had a miniature produce section, a large display of prepackaged salads, Bugles (remember those??), and an excellent chocolate selection.  I was really impressed with the fresh options available.  My expectations of train station options were on par with McDonald’s and Starbucks.  I was planning to be thrilled if I managed to scrounge up an apple.  I could have bought kiwis, blood oranges, bananas, or a couple different varieties of apples!  The Bugles took me back to being a kid and being required to put a Bugle on the end of each finger and make menacing sounds at my little brothers.  Those were the days.  Now that I’m slightly more conscious of what must go into such food items, I couldn’t bring myself to buy a bag, even out of nostalgia.  The chocolate selection was way less controversial in my mind.  This small train station grocery store boasted 31 different varieties of Rittersport.  31! My little heart went pitter patter!  If I hadn’t just arrived in the country, I would have loaded up on the Rittersport.

IMG_1907 fresh fruit, salads, REWE grocery store IMG_1906 chocolate, German, Lindt, REWE, FrankfurtRittersport, chocolate, German, REWE

Onto the proposed task of getting something to eat for lunch on the train.  After carefully considering the selection of chocolate, I settled on a healthier option.  I picked a meat-free salad and a bag of rice cakes.  Talk about healthy, eh?  I figured that I would be enjoying lots of rich, German food with the husband and friends, so I didn’t want to spoil myself just yet.  I tucked the salad and rice cakes into my backpack and settled down with a wonderful cup of German coffee with a not-so-shabby view.

salad, REWE, Frankfurt bahnhof, lunch

coffee, German, Kaffee
IMG_1910Seriously, who gets to look at this while in a train station connected to an airport??  Snowy trees?  A nice change of pace, for sure.

After finishing my coffee I felt strangely lightheaded.  I’m sure traveling for a bajillion hours had something to do with it, but in case it had something to do with my blood sugar, I figured I’d grab an apple juice.  This bottle has a picture of an apple, had the German word for apple on it (Apfel) and looked like apple juice.
Lift, apfelsaft, apple juice, surprise When I started to open the cap, a rush of bubbles attempted to escape!  This was carbonated apple juice.  Oops!  It still tasted like apples, so that was cool.