For the Love of Food 2.0

The husband and I joke that we like to tackle as many huge life changes at a time as possible.  So we moved across country, I wrote my master’s thesis, we searched for a house to buy, and I started job hunting.  And we threw in a trip to India and one to Germany for good measure.  All in about 5 months.

Fortunately we have survived and stuck to our “no dying” rule.  But my blog nearly didn’t.  Over graduation weekend, a good friend asked me, “what happened to the blog?”  Someone finally forced me to consider what I had been squishing back in the back of my mind.  I couldn’t give her a good answer then, but I think I have some insights now.

This blog has always been my fun thing to do.  A place where I can share what I am passionate about–FOOD–in a way that is completely self-determined.  I can share recipes, or talk about food politics, or gush about Corey Booker retweeting me.  I am the boss and the only bottom line to worry about is my personal satisfaction.   Although it takes time and effort, it’s still a bit of a guilty pleasure.  It helped to balance out the mental effort that I was putting into school.

So once I was “job-seeking,” I think I felt like I had to give up guilty pleasures.  (Our Netflix account might disagree, though…).  I worried that sinking too much time and energy into the blog would somehow prevent me from finding that job.  Or maybe I worried that I would wind up wishing the blog could BE my job.

Now I don’t have this excuse.  I found a job.  And I’ve almost gotten the hang of the 45-60 minute commute, strict time clocks, and incredibly quiet office.

So it’s time to revive For the Love of Food!  Bear with me as I stumble back into the swing of things.  Leave me words of encouragement, lie to me and say you missed me, or threaten to do mean things if I don’t keep posting–whatever flavor suits you.