My Fangirl Fantasy

I’ve never been into vampire movies.  I don’t know what quidditch is.  I would be the most confused person at a comic con event.  (And I’m not admitting how much of that I had to Google to not sound like I’m completely clueless.)

But I have an idea what a fangirl is (thank you urban dictionary), and I must confess I am one.  I am a fangirl for my Michaels: Moss and Pollan.  My coffee shop reading (with ironic snack choice) and bookcase prove it. Salt, Sugar, Fat, Michael MossMichael Pollan booksSo imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this video.   The title of the link didn’t do it justice.  “Your yogurt has more sugar than a Coke (And some other sneaky food stuff you didn’t know).  This sounded interesting enough to me.  I love learning about food.  Then I clicked on the link and realized it was so much more: grocery shopping with Michael Moss and Michael Pollan.  Shopping.  For food.  With Michael Pollan.  And Michael Moss.  Please just watch it and be excited with me.

I’m pretty sure they talk about food.


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