One reason why I eat local

Eating local has become the new eating organic, right?  It’s cool and trendy, but for good reasons!

Today I’ll just share one that was so obvious to me that I couldn’t help but document it.  I had gotten excited and bought a pack of strawberries at a very reputable, national chain grocery store.  They were even organic.  I felt pretty good about those.

Then we went to our local farmers’ market and saw strawberries for the first time this season.  I couldn’t resist (again) so we bought another pack even though we still had some grocery store strawberries at home.

The next morning I cut up the rest of the grocery store strawberries and some farmers’ market strawberries to add to our oatmeal.  The difference was clear.

local versus grocery store


The grocery store strawberries were bigger, but they were white on the inside and barely tasted like strawberries.

The farmers’ market strawberries were smaller, red on the inside, and tasted amazing!  It was night and day.  And I’m pretty sure they cost about the same as the organic strawberries from the fancy grocery store.

So strawberries are on our weekly shopping list at the farmers’ market for as long as they are in season!  They are perfect in cereal, oatmeal, on pancakes, and with shortcake…

2014-06-09 19.45.05


So why do you eat local??







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