Day 2 Local Food Challenge

Lesson of the day: It’s harder to be flexible when my sources of ingredients aren’t sold nearby every day. Our local food dinner party was scheduled somewhat tentatively, so I was adding the finishing touches sorta last minute. Thankfully Whole Foods sources some very local cheese, and I had enough salad greens to make salad for four. And lucky for me I can count Graeter’s Ice Cream as local food! (Ok, maybe that was a tiny bit of a stretch. Not ashamed.)

Breakfast Day 2: The husband and I enjoy a good smoothie. To make our smoothie local, we only had to make a few adjustments. I typically use almond milk–we used skim cow’s milk. No nut butters or protein powder. Bananas are one of our 10 exotics, so we still threw one of those in the blender. Yum! 
local food, smoothie, strawberries,, vegetarian

Lunch Day 2: After a morning of setting up for Day 3’s dinner (stay tuned for that one!) we stopped for a bite to eat at Fond: Lunch and Deli. “But you can only eat local food!” you say. And we did. Fond is a secret little breakfast and lunch spot that sources about 95% locally. They’ve been open for about a year and they are hopping! I ordered their vegan Vegoatta bout it! sandwich, and the husband had their Liberated Cuban sandwich. If you live in the Cincinnati area, look this place up. They satisfy vegans to carnivores.

local food lunch, Fond: Lunch and Deli, vegoetta bout it

Dinner Day 3: We invited 2 dear friends over for a last-dinner-party-before-you-have-a-baby. My task was to prepare a pregnancy-friendly 4 course meal. So we had a pasteurized brie-style cheese from My Artisano Foods with apple slices and Blue Oven Bakery bread, a salad with all the local fixings, and a spaghetti squash dish with pasteurized feta cheese. For dessert, Grateful Grahams and Graeter’s Ice Cream (both source their main ingredients locally).

local food dinner part, for the love of food

Vendors I bought from and where I found them:

Day 3 is going to be so awesome! Get ready for local food porn galore!

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