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Day 6: Local food deja vu

Breakfast Day 6: Same story as yesterday. Forgot to take a picture, and can’t really remember what it was. My money would be on a smoothie. Frozen strawberries from the home farm, Snowville Creamery milk, bananas, and peanut butter.

Lunch Day 6: This one looks familiar, too. The soup is still delicious, especially with another round of homemade croutons. I just cut up a slice of bread and toasted them in a skillet with butter. Mmmm…butter.

local food challenge, food day, marianhd.com

Dinner Day 6: Another repeat? Geez. It’s really hard to deny it when you see it in photos. I did this pizza a little different this time, though! I used mozzarella cheese and we added some leftover ham steak.

local food, food day, marianhd.com

Obviously the theme for today’s menu was deja vu. I suppose back in the day when all food was local by default, meals probably did get repetitive. The husband and I were lucky that we still had some frozen strawberries from my parents’ farm. Cincinnati does not have any fresh strawberries in October. Our fresh fruit choices are pretty much apples and maybe a couple melons.

That said, I’m not complaining a whole lot! Every meal is still tasty and pretty darn healthy. We are certainly not going hungry.

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One comment on “Day 6: Local food deja vu”
  1. For the record I thought this day was DELICIOUS!

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