Remember when…

Food holds memories. When we think of memorable food, we often think of holidays with families. Holidays call for special food that we don’t eat at other times of the year, and so they are revered and remembered. My husband talks about the pearl onions at his great-aunt’s Thanksgiving. I remember getting to have all my favorite sides–StoveTop stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, and rolls. (I like my carbs!)

Blogging about food gives me the benefit of recording some of the food I cook and eat which allows me to revisit those memories.

Case in point: I had a pregnancy hankering for a good pumpkin scone. I thought I had made one before, so I searched my blog, and sure enough, I found this post where I made Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Scones. The first time I made this recipe was almost 4 years ago. The husband and I were packing up to move out of our apartment in Baltimore, Maryland. It had been our first home together. We lived in Baltimore so I could study public health at Johns Hopkins.

pumpkin, chocolate chip, scones,, food

I made these scones in part as an effort to clean out our pantry and use up as much as I could. And, as you can read, as a way to procrastinate packing! As a bonus, we were able to share the scones with the folks who welcomed us back to Ohio. This is the part I remembered most. My 4 year old niece told her mother that these scones were “delightful.” I found that so precious!

My niece is almost 8 now! The husband and I have purchased a home, we have a toddler and we’re expecting our second in December.  I’ve gone through two jobs, two major home renovations, and created a home for my family. All of that passed before I had another craving for pumpkin scones bad enough to get me to dig up a recipe. Once I dug up this recipe, and baked these tasty treats, memories of the last time I made these came flooding back.

pumpkin chocolate chip scone,

When I scanned the ingredients list for these scones, it was karma. I had half a can of beans that I needed to use waiting for me in the fridge! (Beans, you say? Yes! A little extra protein and fiber and you’d never know it.)

It took me an entire evening to make these with juggling a toddler and making dinner for the family, but I eventually got my reward.


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