Food on the Go

Near the end of our SNAP budget week, I asked my husband how, if at all, our experience would change the way we eat overall. Obviously we didn’t continue to limit our weekly… Continue reading

How to Turn a CSA Share into Meals – Part 1

This year has been the first full calendar year that my husband and I have lived together in one place for an entire year.  This isn’t really ground-breaking news since we’ve only been… Continue reading

Zucchini Cherry-Cranberry Muffins

Two things inspired me to make muffins. 1. I had half a zucchini burning a hole in my fridge 2. Muffins are cheaper snacks than granola bars. I learned during my limited budget… Continue reading

Top 5 Things the SNAP Challenge Taught Me

For those of you without enough time to casually peruse my week-long journey on a SNAP budget as chronicled here on, I have summarized it for you in one handy post, and… Continue reading

7 days, 42 meals, $60: How We Did It

The official Maryland Hunger Solutions Food Stamp Challenge starts tomorrow!  [We did our challenge early due to travel constraints] Which means: 1. There is still time to sign up and go grocery shopping.… Continue reading

Day After: Gluttony

After a week of eating oatmeal, lentil soup, and tuna sandwiches, what’s the first thing you want that was off limits? Coffee and watermelon. That’s what I wanted. We picked up a late… Continue reading

Day 7 – $8.69

At the end of the week, we’re feeling generous with any and all food left from our budgeted shopping trip.  So I made some fancy oatmeal based on a recipe I once tried.  One… Continue reading

Day 6 – $6.87

Okay, I was thinking we were getting the hang of this.  And then my husband offered to make breakfast this morning.  This is a rare treat that I never turn down.  I focused… Continue reading

Day 5 – $9.43

Big spenders today!  I’m getting all generous with the food now that I know the week is coming to a close and I know what I need to keep for the next couple… Continue reading

Day 4 – $6.78

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink!  Yesterday my poor husband suffered in Annapolis with the aroma of cooking bacon, and today I suffered working 5 hours at a farmers’ market.… Continue reading

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