It’s Food Day!

FoodDay Linear-With Date

What’s Food Day?  Clearly, it’s my favorite holiday.  I mean, it’s all about food, so who couldn’t love that?  If only we got the day off work, it would be perfect.

“Food Day is a nationwide celebration and a movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food.”   All across the country folks are hosting dinner parties, farmers’ markets, and film screenings; planting trees, teaching kids about real food, working on urban farms, and just plan talking about food!  Here in Baltimore, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake has helped plant fruit trees at a local school.

Click on the logo above to visit the Food Day website and find out all kinds of events happening near you.

Food Day is also the launch date for, the Food MythBusters.  Today, at 2:30pm, they will be streaming their new film online here!  Because I am such a prominent blogger in the world of food issues, I was personally invited* to an advance screening of the film this past weekend.   So I am going to give you a little insider’s scoop on what this is all about.  The human star of this animated film is Anna Lappe a well-written, well-respected advocate for sustainable food.  (I want her job, basically).

(That’s Anna in the above photo)

Through her work with Corporate Accountability International, Anna and her team are attempting to debunk the myth surrounding industrial agriculture in a big and loud way with a  well-made short film.  The film tells us all, in real people words, what the truth is behind our world’s growing need for food and whether or not all that food can be grown and produced to feed everyone and not destroy the planet in the process.  I highly recommend investing the 10-15 minutes to watch this film, either at 2:30pm or at your leisure.

After you’ve watching it, let me know what you think.  What is real food to you?  What do you already do to support a more sustainable food system?  What else do you think you can do?

*By personally invited, I mean I’m on a list serve at the Center for a Livable Future, and I paid my $5 to attend Real Food Hopkins’ 100 Mile Meal, at which Anna Lappe spoke and shared her new film.



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