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Waste not, want not, then eat scones

In the midst of renovating my kitchen (before, demo, after) my work life took me into the direction of looking at and talking about food waste. It turns out we waste a lot… Continue reading

Faux Fettuccine on Meatless Monday

Sometimes I have cravings. Ok, lots of times I have cravings. Like 30 minutes ago when I wanted ice cream so I stopped at Dairy Queen for a twist cone.  Mmmm… Most of… Continue reading

Meatless Monday: Caramelized Onion, Mushroom and Spinach Pizza

It’s summer, which means it’s farmers’ market season!  For a food lover, there’s nothing better than a farmers’ market for finding fresh and delicious ingredients. Farmers’ markets are fun, too! It’s the best… Continue reading

Meatless Monday: Eating “Good and Cheap”

I went to a small school in Ohio where our foreign language options were German or Spanish.  I had the best German teacher ever.  She was simply known as Frau, which is the… Continue reading

Meatless Monday: Easy Vegetable Fried Rice

Once upon a time I tried to make fried rice.  It should be easy enough, right?  Veggies, rice, a scrambled egg… Turns out the order of operations is kinda important.  If you add… Continue reading

Meatless Monday: Power Salad

While I was pregnant everyone and their mother gave me (and the husband) advice about everything baby-related. “It’s okay to drink some wine. It won’t hurt the baby” “Are you drinking coffee? You… Continue reading

Meatless Monday Polenta with Black Beans and Sweet Corn

I realized something this week.  At 5 months pregnant, I have the same reaction when I open my closet as when I open my fridge.  There’s stuff in there, but nothing looks like… Continue reading

Star Spangled Granola Bars for a patriotic Meatless Monday

Ok, I’m a little late to be sharing a 4th of July recipe considering it’s July 7th.  Oops.  The good new is they are equally as delicious on July 7th as they were… Continue reading

Citrus Roasted Beet Salad for Meatless Monday

I hated beets as a kid.  What kid didn’t, right?  They smelled funny, stained your plate pink, and were never found on a kids’ menu.  I thought it was so weird that my… Continue reading

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies–Perfect for Meatless Monday!

Once upon a time I lived in Northern Ireland for a year.  This was an amazing, fun, and educational experience.  Aside from meeting wonderful people (some of whom I still count as close… Continue reading

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