Will I meet Madeline??

I have really been MIA for the last couple weeks. We’ll explain that all in due time. Right now there are more exciting things to write about. For example, a 24 hour trip to Paris. In planning our January vacation with a purpose, our layover ended up in Paris. Originally this was supposed to be about a 4 hour layover, which is a good amount of time to make sure one gets through customs, border control, gets lost a couple times, and makes an American of themselves. When the husband checked on our flight a couple months after booking, he noticed one of the dates changed. Our connecting flight out of Paris was delayed 24 hours, giving us a full day to spend in Paris, or re-route our trip through Detroit a day later. We took the day in Paris.

Phase One: Get to Paris

Our flight plan took us through Atlanta, so our flight over the pond was about 8 1/2 hours. We would be landing at 6:30am Paris time, so our goal was to sleep for as long as possible, but not until we got our dinner!
You might be wondering why I’m so excited about airline food. Obviously I like food since I take pictures of it and write about it. But airline food? Here’s the kicker. My dear husband travels for work (which means I miss him often and he misses my awesome cooking often) and racks up frequent flier points. With his travel points and expertise, he managed to book us first class. Ladies and gentlemen, I have only flown first class once in my life and that was because I missed my flight and it was the only seat available on the next one, from London to Germany. I do remember that scone with fresh jam and clotted cream being much better than Delta pretzels. But that’s nothing compared to first class food and accommodations in international, transatlantic first class. I am fully appreciating every morsel of it, because it will never happen again.

Course by course: (orchestrated by the Delta BusinessElite International Chef Michelle Bernstein)

First Course


Curried Crab Salad
with almonds and cantaloupe melon
Cream of Vegetable Soup

Second Course


Mixed Green Salad
with jicama, yellow peppers, almonds, and roma tomatoes

Main Course


Bucatini Pasta
with marinara sauce, olives and fresh mozzarella



Creme Brulee Cheesecake

Other perks include a bottle of water when you get to your seat, champagne (or orange juice) as soon as you’re settled, a warm washcloth before your meal, and of course the free and ever flowing alcohol that is available. They seriously just walk around with bottles of wine, offering to top off your glass. It’s like they wanted me to be tipsy.

Stayed tuned for what we actually do/eat in Paris!


3 comments on “Will I meet Madeline??”
  1. Love this! Even better that you two had a wonderful 1& 1/2 anniversary in Paris! The food sounds fabulous just on the flight ! Can’t wait to see the next installment! You both lead such interesting lives and I am blesses to be part of it ! Let the adventures continue! I really need to take cooking classes so I can cook and eat like you:)

    1. marianhd says:

      Thanks! We felt very lucky to get to celebrate in Paris. And you’re right, the airline food was way better than normally expected! It helped that the Paris leg was on Air France. The French don’t kid around! We’ll have to convince Ed that it’s a good thing to cook and eat like me first! 😉

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