A wedding, giant stone oven, henna hands, oh my!

Will I meet Madeline?? revealed that the husband and I were spending New Year’s Eve in Paris.  So sexy in the city shared about our day walking and eating in Paris.   And then I dropped off the face of the earth.

Ok, not really.  I dropped off the face of the internet.  And that happened because I was in India!  (The stop in Paris was unintentional, really.  A fluke of Delta canceling our original flight and putting us on the next flight the following day.)  The husband and I spent a week celebrating a friend’s wedding and then traveled around India for a week after.  Between all the eating and the dancing and the eating and the traveling, I could hardly find the time and internet to blog.  Time to make up for it!

First of all, the best thing about Indian weddings is that there is food everywhere, all the time.  Here’s the husband’s plate from the first wedding event, which took place in Mumbai.  I’d love to tell you what everything is, but we often didn’t really catch the names of things.  So I will call this Yummy Indian Bread, spinach salad, Soupy Dipping Curry, and Thicker Potatoy Curry.


No matter the real names, it was delicious.  The husband requested that I learn to make all of the different yummy types of Indian breads we ate everywhere, all the time.  One slight problem.

Indian bread, naan, cooking kilnI don’t think we can fit one of these in our kitchen.

A more doable option might be to learn to make dosas.  In my opinion, a dosa is the Indian version of a crepe.  A thin batter, cooked quickly on a flat griddle, flipped, and then filled with delicious things, typically savory.

dosa, coconut chutney, henna

This dosa was filled with onion, cheese, and herbs, and it was delicious.  We had the choice of two dipping chutneys, and I went for the coconut chutney, which was cooling.  I learned very quickly why American Indian restaurants give you a scale for spiciness.   The norm in India is a little higher than my preference.  It was doable, but every now and then a simple dosa with coconut chutney was VERY welcome.  (And check out the henna on my hands!)

Stay tuned for more!


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