I’ve got some ‘splaining to do!

Dear devoted reader(s),

I have been remiss lately in my blog updating.  For this, I am truly sorry.  I am disappointed in myself.  It means I have officially broken all three of my New Year’s resolutions.  But I have some excuses to offer….

1. I have recently taken on a few new projects.  I am managing the contractors who are gutting and completely remodeling our master bathroom.  This includes pulling permits which saved us over a grand, but involves some really fun (read that with sarcasm) trips to government offices.  But the outcome will be so worth it!

Bathroom remodel

2. This being our first full spring and summer in our new home, the husband and I are taking our landscaping responsibilities far more seriously this year.  This means I have been weeding flower beds, we built a garden (which includes raised beds and deer fencing), I’ve planted the garden, annuals, mosquito pots, and we mulched all around the house.  The house looks prettier, and hopefully the garden will provide some very local and very tasty treats!  (The big rock doesn’t usually look so creepy, it’s only because I had just watered the flowers).

garden, local foodannuals, flowers3.  The local farmers’ market is also in operation, and as a board member, I’m fairly involved.  I wrote our grant, presented results from last year’s grant, am working with a city group to plan an educational film showing, and I help out at the actual market when needed.  And shop there weekly!  This does ensure delicious and local food ends up in my fridge every week, and I get to work with other people who love tasty and local food as much as I do.

farmers' market, local food


4. All the while, the husband and I have been working on one more very important project–growing our family!  I don’t mean Gnocchi the cat, I mean a figurative bun in the oven!  We are super excited to be expecting our first child in late November.  And I am learning on the fly all of the pains and perks of pregnancy!  Like not really sleeping at night, peeing all the time, and alternating between a voracious appetite and finding food completely repulsive.  All this makes cooking, eating, and finding the mental capacity to write my blog a little more challenging.

Fortunately, the second trimester is beginning and I’m at least not feeling sick as much.  Here’s hoping I can get back on track and share the recipes I’m back to making and enjoying!

Anyone have favorite healthy pregnancy recipes?  I’m open to suggestions!


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