An apology

It’s time for me to apologize again. I really wanted to be on top of things and blogging regularly.  I tried setting up a schedule for myself to brainstorm ahead what recipes I wanted to try and hopefully blog about.  I wrote it out in my planner.  Obviously, this has not worked out.

So I must apologize to my readers.  I really want to do better!

I owe someone else an apology, too: the poor dear husband. While juggling graduate school and living in a tiny apartment with an itty bitty kitchen, I whipped up delicious meals nearly every night.  I even prepared his lunch for him to eat while he worked from home and I left for school.  (Spoiled, right?)  Look back at the first year of my blog and you’ll see the beauty that was our weekly menu.  Even during our SNAP challenge we ate well!  Homemade soup, vegan mac and cheese….really good stuff!

Now my husband is suffering from withdrawal from our former fine dining.  There have been nights when I don’t even attempt to plan to cook dinner.  Sometimes I don’t even get groceries for the week.  The husband comes home from work and has to scramble to cook something if either of us hopes to eat!  Or we order in Indian takeout.  If he’s out for the evening, I might just have oatmeal for dinner.

Last week I had a moment of energy and I boiled some chopped potatoes for dinner.  And that was our whole dinner.  Boiled potatoes.  With salt, pepper, and garlic powder.  I should have taken a picture for the irony of it.

Fortunately the husband has been very understanding.  Pregnancy has been mighty rough on this new mama.  In the past five months I have slept through the night a whopping 2 times.  I typically spend 12 hours a day trying to get 8-9 hours of sleep.  Everyone lied to me and said the second trimester would be totally different and I’d have energy again.  Vicious lies.  When I have time and energy during the day, I work on tiling our bathroom to get it done in time to empty our bedroom furniture from the nursery and actually set the nursery up in time for Baby’s arrival.  So we definitely have a firm deadline there.

If it makes anyone feel better, I also hadn’t really checked my email in about a month.

So in conclusion, I have been a slacker for the sake of my unborn child for too long.  With the help of the OBGYN, hopefully we’ll have my energy back up soon and I’ll get back to cooking better food and sharing it with you!  Cross your fingers for the husband’s sake…

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