Nine and ten, begin again!

The last two days of the Local Food Challenge! Never mind that they were over a month ago. Life got busy….? I got distracted….? Whatever. Let’s just forgive and forget, mkay?

Breakfast Day 9: Eggs with veggies, toasted Blue Oven bread with a healthy dose of butter, and my “exotic” avocado.

Oct 9 breakfast

Lunch Day 9: Leftover chili that I made on Day 7 with more bread and butter. Oct 9 lunch

Dinner Day 9: Ok, we might have strayed slightly from the challenge rules this evening. We were invited to a friend’s house for dinner and game night. Rather than insist that the friend make a local-only meal, I brought a local salad and some local wine and enjoyed the hospitality and good times.

Breakfast Day 10: It was probably eggs. Evidently it was so uneventful I didn’t take a picture. I had planned to tell you more about it when I was planning to write about it a month ago. Oops!

Lunch Day 10: Spaghetti Squash Lasagna! I am still very proud of this dish! I had all kinds of vegetables–spaghetti squash (obviously), mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes, plus all this local cheese. Add some home-canned tomato sauce and herbs from the garden and the CSA, and we got ourselves a feast! Mental note to recreate this and write down what I do so I can save it and share it. Oct 10 lunch

Dinner Day 10: Might have lost a little steam… We were invited out for a birthday dinner at a restaurant. And I caved. I am many things, but perfect is not one of them! The restaurant did serve local beer. That’s something, right?


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