Top 2 Health Trends for 2016 (according to my facebook feed)

I trust that you have survived the holidays, recovered from time with family, and dragged yourself back to work. But before heading back, you might have made some New Year’s resolutions.

Let me help you get on board with two of the hottest health trends for the year, according to my facebook feed (all photos are screenshots of my real life facebook feed).

1) Maybe you’ve decided to try a cleanse. More than one of my facebook friends are. The internet is full of folks who will sell you juices, pills, diet plans and more. Cleanses promise to help you lose weight, gain energy, and reboot your health. After a period of crankiness, misery, and being a not fun person to be around. I have a better idea. Well, I did not come up with it, the Awkward Yeti did. And clearly, he is a genius.


This cleanse will probably not help you lose weight. You will likely feel energetic for short bursts of time, and it might help you reboot your health as in you’ll be sick of cookies when you’re done! It will make you an awesome person to be around, however. Especially if you bring cookies to share. Offer them to your friends on their juice cleanses when they tell you about how they’ve lost 6 pounds in 3 days and feel great (and try to ignore the crazy in their left eye).

2) Facebook tells me that to be healthy this year I should also plan my meals ahead of time. I used to do that. Back when life was a little more predictable (i.e. before baby). I’m sure devotees of the practice will tell me that prepping my meals ahead of time would ease my hectic schedule. Maybe this is what they had in mind?


Or maybe not. I mean, you could probably just place a standing order with your favorite pizzeria and get fresh pizza delivered every day instead of ordering it all ahead of time and portioning it out. Duh.

Seriously though, if you are a cleanser, a prepper, both, or neither, do what works for you. But don’t feel like you should be doing something that sounds awful to you, either. And let’s be kind and not make fun of those who do cookie cleanses, ok?

Yetis have feelings, too, ya know.



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